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Rehabilitation Services


The goal of our rehab department is to assist individuals to maximize recovery from an illness or injury and subsequently improve quality of life. A patient would be referred to a Skilled Nursing Facility following an illness or injury that causes a temporary loss of independence. This might be Pneumonia, exacerbated COPD, Heart attack, orthopedic surgery such as Total Hip Replacement or repair, Total Knee Replacement and repair of other fractures, stroke, fibromyalgia, auto accidents, or weakness following an illness. Most individuals who enter our SNF unit return to their homes following their SNF stay. Home Care services are often recommended and arranged before discharge. Some are unable to recover sufficiently while here to return home and are placed in residential care facilities. Some continue to recover while in residential care facilities and are able to return home at a later date .

Each resident's program is tailored to meet his or her needs by integrating different disciplines, including physical and occupational therapies, nursing, social work, activities and appropriate specialty services including speech/language services as needed.

Physical therapy works to increase strength particularly of lower body and trunk, activity tolerance, pain management, balance, safety, as well as to restore bed mobility and independence with a walker, cane, or no device if possible.

Occupational Therapy works to restore independence in basic Activities of Daily Living like bathing and dressing sometimes using alternative methods for independence with or without adaptive equipment, as well as, to increase strength of upper body, fine motor coordination, home management tasks and activity tolerance.

While intensive therapy is available 5 days a week, residents are encouraged when able to perform collateral exercises in their rooms when not in treatment. Having the weekend without a therapy schedule allows more visits from friends and family and the ability to socialize and rest. Our therapists do work with some residents on weekends, when necessary.

Individualized evaluations are conducted by the Physical and Occupational Therapists upon admission. Goals are set in coordination with residents and families and a treatment plan is devised to help the resident achieve their goals. Treatments are conducted in individualized and group sessions. A comradery develops amongst the rehab candidates that helps to provide socialization, motivation and encouragement. Residents dress in street clothes, which helps them begin to feel more like themselves.

Interdisciplinary team meetings are periodically held with the resident and family to discuss progress, concerns, and goals and begin discharge planning. A discharge date is determined by the team in conjunction with the resident and /or family. Residents leave this facility stronger and better able to care for themselves.

"I was a resident at Bridgton Health Care for several months. During that time, I worked with their therapy department to get back on my feet. Everyone was very good to me, while I was there, but it's great to be back home."

Robert Robbins